Airsoft Community

The Airsoft Community is very friendly & welcoming.
AWI and other clubs regularly attend joint Airsoft events.

Get Outdoors!

One of the great things about Airsoft is it turns a bush-walk into a video game!
Get off the couch and try the “real thing”

New Players Welcome!

We are always looking for new players to join AWI.
Learn more about becoming our latest AWI member.

Something for Everyone

Whether you like to be in the thick-of-the-fight or sneak around as a sniper, Airsoft offers game-play for every style of player

“Come as guests, stay as friends”

AWI are a friendly organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the sport of Airsoft within the Waikato and beyond.

Have a game!

Join Airsoft Waikato Inc for a our next Airsoft event!  We have Hire Gear available for new players.